Monday, July 18th, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday T3 !!!

Happy 11th Birthday to my oldest… the sweetest, kindest little tall dude I know.


You grow inch by inch, month by month, and you’ll soon be taller than me, but you’ll always be my little baby boy!

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

To my body – I am so sorry!

Sometimes you know something (like medicine or supplements) is working only if you stop taking it.

In the case of eating gluten-free, the opposite is true. You sometimes realize that you need to be gluten-free by getting a swift kick in the ass when you make the mistake to gluten yourself.

I am lying here in bed with the most painful muscle pains in every (even the tiniest) muscle in my body. I feel like I drank a bottle of lactic acid. Threw up too. Totally my own damn fault. I ate gluten at lunch, after being gluten-free for 3 months. I had a craving for popcorn shrimp and I just had at it. Stupid breading. 

Never again.

I know now that I must be gluten-free for the rest of my life. The reaction to gluten in my body is so incredibly powerful that I cannot ignore that I truly am sensitive to it and my body will never react well to ingesting it.

I’m sorry poor little body of mine. Never again. Now we just need to ride this out and get back to “normal”.

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Monday, May 30th, 2016

Time to start blogging again…

Many times, I go on these lovely breaks. Usually because life is either busy or I’m too tired to do more than my day-to-day stuff. I’m awake late tonight because I am on my third day of prednisone taper following my 3 day steroid IV Tues-Thurs.

Steroids have always been good to me and have managed my MS relapses well. I was quite busy today (and somewhat productive) and am still not sleepy, thanks to the lovely steroids.

I need to blog to keep track of this next journey in my life. The one where I figure out what I will be doing next to manage my disease. It’s not an easy decision, but it is one that needs to be faced soon. I was on a very heavy MS  drugfor 3.5 years, and I still ended up with active lesions in my brain. Booooo.

Hopefully, I’ll blog with more pictures and happy times at home. Summer is upon us. We have an amazing backyard coming together nicely. I am very hopeful that we will have good times this summer 🙂


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