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My story – SAHM from Monday to Friday, working on the weekends. Until about 2.5 years ago I was a career woman on a fast track having gotten my degrees in engineering and therapy, with plans to get my PhD. I was also a karaoke rockstar, making extra money at night waitressing at a karaoke club while singing behind the bar (can we say Coyote Ugly?) . I was a huge part of the goth scene, modeling in gothic fashion shows, frequenting underground clubs, hanging backstage and afterhours with my favorite bands, and being featured as a model in gothic magazines. What changed? I met my husband, the love of my life one night while bartending. Yes, we met at a bar. He tipped me $40 for 3 waters and one beer, and I was in love LOL! Guess I was a cheap date. After that, I ended up on the fast track to marriage and kids soon after that. Which finds me here now, at home with my two baby boys – wearing sweats, no makeup, and pretty much being a domestic diva of sorts. I am loving every minute of it -well, almost every minute… there are moments when I run down the street screaming in frustration, so if you see a crazy, makeup-less lady running down your street in sweats screaming at th top of her lungs, have mercy on her and give her a little nod and wave. I’ll greatly appreciate the support.