Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Words from my Mamusia’s Heart


*All countries in blue are in Visa Waver Program – note how Poland is in red (thus NOT in the Visa Waver Program)*

And now some words from my Mamusia…

“I still can’t understand why this is such an issue? Poles were always the first to volunteer and fight for freedom. WWII, modern history, whenever Freedom was at stake Poles were there.

Why? Because we hold freedom so precious. We were attacked from both sides in 1939, West from the Nazis, East from Stalin. Then we were sold in Yalta in 1944 to the Russians. One may say we won the war but lost the peace. 50 years under this “wonderful” Socialist system was not fun. You just try to survive the best you can. I certainly lived through some of those harsh years.

This Country did not exist for 120+ years on the map. However, we did prevail – our language, history and pride. I am a very proud Polish American.

I’m sorry for those that tell stupid Polish jokes. In my opinion the jokes themselves aren’t stupid but rather those who repeat them. So, before YOU repeat them, read a little about Polish history and than make up your own mind!!!”


Day 10 of October 2014′s #NaBloPoMo

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Friday, October 10th, 2014

Ugh! Just Ugh!

Too sick to write much of anything today. So I’ll just look forward to hopefully feeling better tomorrow.

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Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Suddenly… I’m shivering!

Driving to my sons appointment this afternoon, I realized that I was incredibly tired. This is not an uncommon side effect of my infusion, so I thought nothing if it and just kept on keeping on. Then while my son was with the doctor I fell asleep – like in a narcoleptic 3 seconds! When I woke up, I knew I was sick. I felt pain in every joint and muscle of my body, even my hair hurt! I felt freezing cold, was shivering, my throat was sore, and my eyes were burning. It was so sudden. Everything at once.


So, I’m wondering if I have the flu! Argh!!!! I’m miserable. Good thing I made that chicken soup two days ago. It’s hopefully going to help ease this crud. If I am much worse tomorrow I will need to make a call to my doctor since I got my infusion yesterday and it can have immunosuppressant effects. Ugh!

Day 9 of October 2014′s #NaBloPoMo

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